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The Projects Portfolio Cost Estimator scope involves the translation of Project scope into the estimate of capital and operational expenditure cost during the project phases (Identify, Assess, Select, Define and Execute). The estimates completed by the cost estimator not only cover the costs associated with the engineering, procurement, construction, implementation commissioning and start-up but also address the translation of the project risk profile into cost contingency via deterministic and probabilistic methods, the potential effect of market movements over the project timescale, and the complete suite of “Owners Costs” that Shell will experience

Low Carbon Fuels ‘LCF’ is a massive growth agenda for Shell to reach the Carbon ambitions of the Group and commitment to regulators. As part of strategic business agenda, major capital improvements are being pursued, and as this agenda progresses, Shell must maintain its commitment to compliance, regulation and social responsibility.  As part of LCF growth ambitions, the Regulatory Operations Process and Control Team will partner with regulatory operators, LCF BIAM, LCF Digital, trading desks, and LOD2 teams to support our strategic initiatives. They will also help the business to develop and maintain processes that fit within our control framework appropriate assurance measures. 

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